Laser Moles & Warts Removal Treatment

Many people do not know that two distinct skin disorders are moles and warts. While warts may be considered a disease since they are caused by a virus called HPV, moles are just a normal growth of the skin. Aesthetically, both conditions have a bad effect, and warts must be treated. More than 50 forms of wart tumors are present. And laser treatment provides one of the easiest ways to get rid of warts and moles. Hands, between two fingers, fingernails, and even fingernails are the most popular areas where you can get a wart.


We visited for corneal abrasion of our 4 month daughter .she addressed to the problem in the best possible time and patience .we are pretty satisfied and recommend as one of the best ophthalmologists in Noida region. Also is well equipped with latest machines meant for eye check- up and treatment.


I have seen patients after Lens implant surgery done. The patients were satisfied with the hospital services and happy with the surgical results. I as a senior is impressed & look that she has attained great success in the filed of ophthalmology & will attain much more in future.